Louisiana Expungement Laws – Uniform Rules & Forms

The Louisiana Legislature has enacted uniform rules and procedures and created standardized forms that must be used for the expungement of criminal records in the state. While the Legislature’s intent was to make the expungement process more streamlined and transparent so that individuals could seek expungements on their own, the reality is that the process is very complex and can be extremely difficult to navigate without the help of an experienced Louisiana expungement lawyer. 

The Louisiana Expungement Assistance & Advocacy Center (LEAAC), a division of the private practice of S. Christie Smith IV, provides skilled guidance and advocacy to individuals who want to obtain an expungement of their criminal records.  We represent clients throughout the entire state of Louisiana, and we know how to help reformed offenders get the clean record they are looking for.  LEAAC aims to be the leading authority on expungement laws in the state, and we have created a comprehensive resource center to answer the many different questions people have about the expungement process.  In addition to providing resources and answers to frequently asked questions, we have also compiled a complete list of the uniform rules and forms that must be used to obtain an expungement in Louisiana.

LEAAC Can Guide You through the Expungement Process

When you are contemplating an expungement, there are a host of factors you need to consider.  For instance, often you must decide among which charges you want to have expunged from your criminal record.  The choices you make in terms of which specific criminal charges you seek to have removed can have serious legal repercussions– they may limit the time in which you can request an expungement, factor into how much you have to pay, and ultimately impact whether or not you will qualify for the expungement.  

It is important to understand that the Louisiana Clerks of Court are prohibited by law from providing any legal advice to individuals seeking an expungement.  It is always best to discuss your situation with a Louisiana expungement lawyer who has in-depth insight into the expungement process and can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions for your future. 

Learn How LEAAC Can Help

If you are considering seeking an expungement of your Louisiana criminal records or have questions about the process, LEAAC can help.  We will carefully review your situation and provide you with straightforward and practical advice.  You can contact our offices today by completing our online contact form or calling 318-308-7667.