The Louisiana Expungement Assistance and Advocacy Center grew out of the belief that everyone deserves a second chance.  The reality of a criminal conviction is that it has consequences far beyond the immediate punishment of the sentence, and those consequences can extend long after the sentence is complete.  These lasting effects include inhibiting employment opportunities, receipt of welfare benefits, access to public housing, and eligibility for student loans for higher education—not to mention the social stigma a conviction places on ex-offenders and their families.  Such collateral penalties place substantial barriers to an individual's social and economic advancement.  And for the reformed offender, they simply are not fair.

LEAAC helps people put their Louisiana convictions behind them.  We are dedicated to assisting  qualified ex-offenders find the most effective pathway to sealing their records so that, having paid their debt to society, they can move on with their lives and return to being productive, integrated members of their communities.