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Louisiana Expungement Assistance & Advocacy Center (a division of the law practice of S. Christie Smith IV)

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Why Hire Us

The Louisiana Expungement Assistance & Advocacy Center, a division of the law practice of S. Christie Smith IV (LEAAC), is committed to helping people who have been arrested or charged with a crime get a second chance in life.  We know a criminal record can severely limit opportunities and place a social stigma on both the ex-offender and his or her family members.  LEEAC provides legal advice and representation to individuals in Lake Charles and across the state seeking to shield their criminal histories from public access through the expungement process.  

Oftentimes individuals with criminal records wonder whether an expungement will help their circumstances.  When you hire LEAAC we will carefully analyze your goals and motivations to help you determine whether an expungement may be right for you.  While an expungement may not be right for every situation, there are many reasons why you might want to consider retaining LEAAC to obtain an expungement, such as:

  • Employment - If you obtain an expungement in Louisiana you will be permitted to state on an employment application that you have never been arrested or convicted of the crimes that have been expunged and the employer and background check companies will not have access to your expunged criminal records.
  • Loans - Oftentimes banks and financial institutions will check your criminal history when you are applying for a loan, so an expungement can shield this information from their view.
  • Housing - If you are applying for public housing or a “Section 8” housing allowance, you can be denied because of your criminal history. Similarly, a private landlord can refuse to rent to you, or even evict you, if you have a criminal record.  An expungement can shield your information from the housing authority and private landlords.

About Our Firm

Centrally located in Alexandria, Louisiana, The Louisiana Expungement Assistance & Advocacy Center (LEAAC) represents clients in all parts of Louisiana who are seeking to shield their criminal histories from public view.  S. Christie Smith IV serves as the managing attorney of LEAAC which is a division of Mr. Smith’s private law practice.  Mr. Smith and the legal staff at LEAAC are devoted to helping people overcome their past mistakes.  They work one-on-one with their clients to help them obtain Louisiana expungements so they can move forward to lead full and productive lives. 

Strategic Advantage

The legal team at LEAAC offers our clients a number of key benefits:

  • 100% Focus On Louisiana Expungements
  • Clear Answers and Straightforward Advice
  • Cost-Effective and Efficient Legal Representation
  • Individualized Service and Attention
  • Honest Appraisal of Your Chances for Success
  • Creative Approaches to “Problem” Cases
  • A Comprehensive Resource Center on Louisiana Expungement Law

About Louisiana Expungement Law

Individuals living in the Lake Charles region often have many questions about how a criminal conviction arrest or conviction will impact their ability to obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card.  We know that with the ongoing 22 billion dollar petrochemical industry expansion, many new plant workers and construction crews in the Lake Charles region are required to secure TWIC cards.  While obtaining an expungement of your criminal record will not automatically make you eligible for a TWIC card, an expungement is a factor that that the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) is permitted to use when providing a “waiver” or making a determination of “no threat to security.” Alternatively, you may not need an expungement at all to qualify for a TWIC.  An experience expungement lawyer at LEAAC can help you to determine your options.

No-Obligation Initial Consultation

A criminal arrest or conviction can have long-standing consequences.  If you have a criminal history and are considering asking for an expungement, you should discuss your situation with an experienced Louisiana expungement attorney.  A skilled LEAAC attorney can analyze your case to determine whether an expungement will meet your goals and whether you have a reasonable chance for success.  Should you decide to seek an expungement, LEAAC will guide you through the expungement process and help you obtain the relief that you are looking for. 

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